Hello there!

by Rinat Enikeev — on


This is my first post and I want to tell you what you may expect from this blog.

First of all - if you are English ‘grammar nazi’, please do not read this blog. My English is pretty simple and sometimes I’m getting wrong, especially with sentence constructions. Please, be kind. If you really want to help me with me English - just write a comment down below or contact me via email. And yes, probably later I’ll hire a teacher and we will check all my texts..

Second - scope. It primiraly is a software developer blog. I’m interesting in software engineering, architecture and so on. I’m currently enrolled in local University and currently preparing thesis about non-parametric probability density function estimation (small sample size). You may find something about it in the blog.

Last but not least - if you have ANY questions to me - please contact me with either skype: rinatenikeev or email: rinat.enikeev@gmail.com. English is ok.

Thanks! Hope you’ll find something intersting here, anyway, any feedback is is greatly appreciated.